The categories

Product Categories


  • Mainstream
  • Artisan/Craft
  • Ginger Beer


  • Mainstream
  • Artisan/Craft
  • Flavoured (including spirit infused/fruit)
  • Low alcohol


  • Apple
  • Fruit
  • Perry


  • Cocktails
  • Pre-mixed
  • Alcopops


  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Brandy/Cognac
  • Whisky/Whiskey
  • Rum
  • Liqueurs
  • Pre-mixed


  • Fruit/Low Alcohol/Alcohol Free

Team Categories

The winner will demonstrate evidence of how an enthusiastic, smart and innovative team, in an increasingly competitive sector, has contributed to strong drinks sales success through their choices, actions and partnerships with suppliers. The period under consideration is from 1 April 2017.

  • Independent Drinks Buying Team of the Year
    This award is open to buying teams from independent retailers with up to 10 stores. Off-licences, high-end spirits merchants, convenience stores and specialist websites are all eligible.
  • Multiple Drinks Buying Team of the Year
    This award is open to grocery multiples and large branded drinks retailers
  • Symbol/Wholesale Drinks Buying Team of the Year
    This award is open to any business that supplies alcohol to other businesses – ie, symbol groups, wholesalers and distributors (off-trade and on-trade). Entrants can own stores/hospitality outlets, but your entry should focus on supply to customers.

Marketing Categories

  • Ad Campaign of the Year
    This award champions creativity, innovative thinking, interesting new formats and effective partnerships in alcohol advertising. Where possible the winner should be able to demonstrate how their campaign translated into sales success for the brand or retailer.
    This award is open to any campaign for a drinks brand or retailer that has run/aired/published since 1 April 2017. There are no restrictions to entry in terms of channels – a highly targeted social media push will be given the same consideration as a multi-channel above the line campaign.
  • Promotion of the Year
    This award champions clever, innovative and successful sales promotion in the booze category and is open to retailers and brands. Joint applications will also be considered. The promotion must have run since 1 April 2017. Judges will be looking at the nature of the mechanic and its execution via advertising, display-based merchandising, and/or on-pack.